Merrow Scientific exclusively represent C-Therm Technologies in the UK and Ireland supplying their world renown TCi sensor and other systems.


There are a number of reasons the TCi is so well regarded globally and this was due to it’s design ethos over 10 years ago when a group of companies approached them to develop a new technology for measuring thermal conductivity.  The system needed to be:

  • Easy to use
  • Fast to make measurements
  • Versatile
  • Repeatable

Easy to use: place your material on the sensor and make a measurement – very little expertise or training required

Fast to make measurements: one measurement is typically made in less than 5 seconds

Versatile: measure liquids, powders, pastes, solids, composites, metals, aerogels etc etc all on the same sensor

Repeatable: very high accuracy and easy set up ensure repeatable results, no difficult fine tuning of settings to get meaningful results

For further information on the various models visit the C-Therm website and also visit their extensive resources library and also contact us for more details