We are currently the exclusive representative in the UK and Ireland for:

Since 2001, RheoSense, Inc. has been focused on redefining the viscosity industry. They focus on delivering reliable and easy to use viscometers that are used for various applications ranging from drug development, lubrication and oil health, cosmetics, and much more! 

Binding kinetics & affinity data on your benchtop. Over 600 scientists worldwide are using OpenSPR to improve human life with their research.

Established in 2007, C-Therm Technologies provides sensor solutions for R&D, manufacturing and quality control environments, offering the latest in rapid, non-destructive thermal analysis instrumentation. 

METRAVIB provides laboratories and the industrial sector with instruments for the characterisation of the mechanical properties of materials using dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA).  METRAVIB has developed a unique range of dynamic mechanical analyzers.

With over 30 years experience 3P Instruments supply an extensive range of instruments for measuring particle size and shape, specific BET surface area and pore size distribution, zeta potential and vapour sorption behaviour of powders

Founded in 1984, Altamira Instruments is a manufacturer and supplier of chemisorption instrumentation as well as bench-scale micro-reactor systems for industrial and research use.

Grindosonic manufacture instruments for non-destructive measurement of material characteristics based on the Impulse Excitation Technique (IET).  Extremely rapid and able to measure elastic properties and variation in processes and end products.

MIPAR Image Analysis is a world-leading algorithm development and image analysis software company.  Specialising in efficiently, accurately and reliably extracting measurements from complex images.  Applications include materials and life sciences to aerospace and manufacturing solutions.

Parker Autoclave Engineer Research was founded in 1945 to fill a gap in the world of high pressure and high temperature technology. Parker Autoclave Engineers has created and produced many novel pressure vessel designs as well as made significant break throughs in high pressure technology such as the MagneDrive® magnetically coupled agitator. 

Through our partnership with the above suppliers we cover the following applications (and more):

Particle and Material characterisation:

  • Particle size and shape analysis
  • Porosity and surface area
  • Chemisorption and catalytic reactors
  • Material characterisation through DMA and IET and advanced image analysis
  • Thermal conductivity and effusivity

Drug discovery biophysical techniques:

  • Viscosity and stability measurements
  • Protein binding kinetics
  • Life science imaging