New MIPAR Software: Spotlight

What is MIPAR Spotlight?

MIPAR Spotlight is a brand-new generalised AI software, which can detect objects within images which it has little to no training on. The release of this software brings two new tools to the MIPAR set-up: a automated recipe step called Spotlight and a drawing tool called Snap, together they can be used to accelerate data annotation (without sacrificing accuracy) in image processing.


Spotlight is a prompt-based step which can be added to recipes for automatic detection. Depending on the application the software either uses a grid system, a regular array with control density or a custom system where additional processing is needed to give a targeted array.


  • Can be used on images of rough surfaces and facets as well as images where twinning is present.
  • Is a self-correcting system so adjustable settings like array density do not need to be perfect.


This tool has two modes click to snap, which allows you to simply point to the feature and click to highlight. The second is the box to snap, which allows the user to draw a box to select larger more complex features. Both modes help to eliminate the need for freehand selection and annotation.


  • Can be used to quickly fix unwanted breaks that might arise after using spotlight.
  • Has expandable focus levels to ensure all sized features can be found.


Simple Grids: Grains

Basic Seeds: Particles

Deep Learning Seeds: Phases+

More Advantages


  • Turnkey Solution: Spotlight works without requiring model training, simply load your image.
  • Improved Detection Accuracy: Spotlight offers unparalleled edge detection.
  • Simplified Detection Solution: Spotlight shortens the recipe by eliminating the need for processing.
  • Performance Toggle: Choose high accuracy or high performance.
  • Seed Modes: Select between a regular grid or define your own for more complex textures.
  • Feature Sensitivity: Define feature size and detection quality sensitivity to fine tune detection.

For more information on Spotlight check out the MIPAR website. If you are interested in this product or have any questions please contact us here