Entegris Webinar: “Accurately Quantifying Tails of Particle Size Distributions”

Particle Characterisation

A particle is described as a minute size of matter, made from an element or compound. Even though particles are too small to see, they have a huge affect on a materials’ properties, so their characterisation is a critical factor to ensure the performance of a variety of products.

Particle characterisation includes detailing their size, shape, surface properties and distribution all crucial parameters in fields such as materials science, pharmaceuticals, environmental science and manufacturing due to particle influence on both chemical and physical properties.


This where companies like Entegris enter the scene, whose mission is to help customers improve their productivity, performance, and technology by providing enhancing materials and process solutions for the most advanced manufacturing environments. In terms of particle characterisation Entegris provide analytical services; materials and process solutions; innovative product development and technical support, which you can find more about on their website and in this upcoming webinar.

Particle Size Distribution Webinar

On Tuesday 24th June at 4:00pm (GMT), Mark Bumiller from Entegris will be speaking specifically about particle size distribution in the “Accurately Quantifying Tails of Particle Size Distributions” webinar. The general areas discussed are as follows:

  • Defining tails, coarse and fine
  • How oversize particles cause problems
  • How fines cause problems
  • Measurement techniques
  • Pharmaceutical industry standards

Find out more about this upcoming webinar and if it could be for you here. If you have any questions or would like to find out more about the products Entegris have for particle characterization, feel free to contact us!