Willow Analytical: Merrow Scientific’s flexible sister company

Back in June 2016 we started a sister company, Willow Analytical Ltd, offering a contract testing facility to customers.  This was a joint venture between the founding director of Merrow Scientific, Ben Proudlove, and Nick Hawkins.  Nick has been involved in many aspects of thermal analysis instrumentation and applications for over 30 years and as such has a vast amount of knowledge to apply to solving technical requirements for testing.

Over the last year Willow has grown better than expected and the techniques on offer for customer’s sample testing have also grown.  A list of some of the techniques can be seen on https://willowanalytical.com/techniques/

Sample contract testing is sometimes a good solution if a customer doesn’t have a large enough project to require their own investment in capital equipment; or doesn’t have the current budget; or requires testing immediately to understand some current problems (and can’t wait on budgets and delivery times); or needs sample testing to help with internal capital budget requests.

If there is a project Willow can help with then please contact us to discuss in more depth



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