Merrow Scientific have represented Rheosense in the UK and Ireland for a number of years now.

The Rheosense system uses a technique combining microfluidics with MEMS technology. For detailed information on the VROC (viscometer – rheometer-on-a-chip) technology please visit this page


By accurately controlling the flow of a sample through the measurement chip we can precisely control the shear rate and measure the absolute viscosity of the material.  This alone is a useful technique that allows user to characterise their products, but the unique patented design has the following important benefits:

  • Small sample size – as small as 20ul can be measured
  • Wide shear rate range – from very low up to over 1,000,000 1/s
  • Wide viscosity range – 0.2 to 100,000 cP
  • High resolution
  • Not sample evaporation or surface interface effects
  • Extensional viscosity can also be measured over a wide strain rate range
  • Portable, R&D and automated high throughput systems available

This makes the technology essentially for sectors such as the Biopharma market where products are developed in very small amounts, and also in areas such as Inkjet where materials need to be assessed at shear rates that are seen in the process (such as 500,000 1/s in inkjet nozzle

For further information on the various models click on the following links and contact us for more details.