Grain Structure Analysis with MIPAR

In the study of advanced materials, whether that be in manufacturing, R&D or quality control/assurance, grain structure analysis is essential in many applications and fields such as engineering, technology and materials science. MIPAR has acknowledged this and developed an advanced automated image processing software capable of streamlining the process of visual data collection, in many applications including grain size analysis. MIPAR have developed image processing software and recipes specifically for metals and alloys such as titanium, aluminium, steel, copper and ceramics.

Grain size analysis is often a complex task, with precise processing that can often be time-consuming and commonly requires separate software or techniques for establishing grain structure data. However, MIPAR has been developed to overcome these issues by automating and simplifying the process. Using algorithms and deep learning models, MIPAR can provide a sophisticated structure analysis process with their advanced technology.

Using this analysis can frequently give an insight into the structure of a material, most commonly metals, alloys and ceramics, and how it can be used for practical purposes. MIPAR is also capable of discriminating between grains and twins in a matter of seconds, giving accurate data and analysis of the sample. In addition to this, common issues that are encountered with grain structure analysis such as low contrast and background noise can be resolved using the cutting-edge deep learning technology that MIPAR have developed. 

MIPAR have established a highly effective advanced processing software that can be automated, as well as processing batches of images, even as they are being collected. By making this processing stage much more efficient, it allows more time for analysing micrographs and microstructure, without constant reference to a microscope. In addition to this, when processing an image, a report can be produced, similar to the one below, this outlines key data extracted from the image, such as grain size, shape and distribution. These comprehensive reports and statistics can be easily shared across industry and research networks. 

For more information on MIPAR’s advanced image software, or more about the grain boundaries application, contact us or visit the MIPAR website.

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