Characterisation of Carbon Black Composites (C-Therm Webinar)

Carbon Black is a material which is produced from the charring of organic matter, a common example being via the thermal decomposition of heavy petroleum. It is a substance which is growing in popularity for use in a range of applications, which are explored below, due to its strengthening and conductive properties as well as its low-cost production and high abundance. 

Charring of organic matter involves incomplete combustion; oxygen levels are reduced so that carbon particles are produced rather than transitioning to carbon dioxide. The particles formed are very fine having a diameter of 10-500 nm, as well as having a distinctive black colour, from where the name comes from. This intense colour absorbs almost all visible light and is caused by the small particle size. This size however also gives the material a high surface area to volume ratio making it useful in various applications.


Carbon Black has a multitude of properties, which are specifically targeted to be used in different applications, which can be seen below:

Another important property of carbon black is its thermal conductivity (0.1-10 S/cm). It is considered a good heat conduct, not that of other pure carbon forms like graphite and diamond but is to a level where it has useful applications. This includes being used as an additive in materials where heat dissipation is essential, such as:

One final advantage of carbon black is its ability to improve mechanical properties in materials. This is seen through its use as a reinforcing agent in rubber where a range of properties including strength, tensile strength, abrasion resistance, increased handling; lower rolling resistance a sidewall strength can be improved.


When utilizing carbon black within materials it is important to quantify how it has changed properties like thermal conductivity and mechanical strength to ensure products have their intended purpose. Our partners C-Therm provide instruments which can confirm just that. Their Trident system has patented technology for quantifying the thermal conductivity of a range of materials from thin films to liquids and powders. They also sell the Metravib, which can use be used for dynamic mechanical analysis of materials to obtain mechanical property information.

To find out more about the uses of carbon black in industrial products and how C-Therm can provide the tools to ensure product quality, check out their live webinar on Thursday 14th March 2024 at 14:00 GMT, which you can sign up for here.